Rental Policy

Rental Payment:

Only personal checks or cash are accepted. If payment is being made by personal check, full payment is due two weeks prior to departure. An additional $400.00 reservation deposit is required to secure the dates requested. At the time of trailer pick-up, the reservation deposit becomes the security/cleaning deposit. The security/cleaning deposit is returned at the time of return check in when/if the trailer is returned in the same condition as it departed.

Rental Charges:

Charges are based on each 24 hour period from the time of pick up, (similar to a car rental). Each 24 hour period or partial 24 hour period is one day of charge. Pickup time is flexible, but the trailer must be returned by the pickup time on the last day or additional charges may apply.

Cancellation Fee:

If the rental reservation is made and later cancelled, the Renter forfeits 50% of the $400.00 reservation/damage deposit. If the rental is cancelled within 30 days of the departure date, or is a no show, there will be no refund of the $400.00 reservation deposit.

Delivery / Pick Up Charges:

Delivery and pickup of trailers are subject to a $1.75 per mile fee (round trip miles for delivery and pick up of travel trailer). Renter must provide a detailed and legible map with full directions before departure date. Delivery location must be free of shrubs, debris, and the delivery site must be wide enough to allow maneuverability for the driver.

Prepaid Cleaning Option:

The Renter may choose the Prepaid Cleaning Option prior to departure. The cost for this service is $125.00, and includes the dumping and sanitizing of the black and gray holding tanks, interior cleaning, and exterior cleaning. Otherwise: The trailer is required to be returned with the interior and exterior in the same condition as at departure, and the black and gray holding tanks must also be thoroughly emptied and sanitized. The security deposit will be charged a $50.00 hourly cleaning fee for any excessive mud/dirt or stains on the interior or exterior of the trailer.

Rental Insurance:

The Renter MUST provide liability coverage (vehicle insurance card) from his/her own auto insurance company, which will extend to the rented/towed travel trailer. Rental Contract contains additional requirements and restrictions.

Pick up / Return Times:

Trailer pick-up and drop-off must be prearranged prior to departure. There will be no refunds for late pick-ups. The Renter will be charged $25.00 per hour for late return, and double the daily rental rate for each day the trailer is late.

Pets and Smoking:

Pets are more than welcome to accompany you while traveling but Renter is responsible for any damage caused. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Travel Trailer. Any odors resulting from pets or smoking are subject to fees.

Travel Restrictions:

Travel into Mexico is strictly prohibited. During the winter months travel through snow areas, use of snow chains, or travel where the weather is below freezing is not recommended. Tire chains can damage tires if not properly installed, and the holding tanks may freeze and burst. The Renter will be responsible to pay for any damages caused, and any loss of revenue until the trailer can be rented again.

Theft of Trailer:

Please report any theft of the vehicle or its equipment immediately to the appropriate public law enforcement agency and to Dan's Trailer Rentals LLC.

Illegal and improper use:

Renter agrees that the trailer will not be used in violation of any law, statute or ordinance and further agrees to hold Dan's Trailer Rentals LLC harmless from all fines, forfeitures and penalties levied for violation of any traffic laws, or other rules or regulation of any duly constituted public authority.

Renters Property:

Dan's Trailer Rentals LLC shall at no time be responsible for loss, damage to, or destruction of any property carried on, or inside the trailer. Renter agrees to indemnify and save harmless Dan's Trailer Rentals LLC from any claim with respect to such property.

Renter Damage:

If the trailer is returned with damage, Renter is responsible to pay all damage costs whether the Renter was at fault or not, or if damage was caused by acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.). If an accident occurs, Renter is responsible for obtaining a police report, and contacting the Renter's insurance company.

Dry Camping:

When the Renter is "Dry Camping" (not connected to an external power source), problems may arise due to a low battery or failure. The battery will continue to stay low until the trailer is connected to an external power source. Dan's Trailer Rentals LLC will not be responsible for the battery being low or any appliance malfunctions of the vehicle due to dry camping, NO reimbursements will be given for "Dry Camping Malfunctions".


Tires are the responsibility of the Renter. In the event of a tire failure the Renter is responsible for replacing the tire with the same type, and returning the original tire with a receipt for the new tire.